Our story

With a passion for content, MakersTV was founded to support creators in getting value for their work. We understand the effort that goes into creating content. That's why MakersTV offers a service that reassures your content gets the attention it deserves. We have partnerships with distribution platforms where we can protect content from being used unrightfully and increase your audience by expanding your brand on these platforms. MakersTV needs you to focus on making content and let us do the rest.

Reduce some burden from creators daily work


It’s very common for others to take your content and share it with their audience. Even though it’s a sign you make great content, it shouldn’t be re-used without consent. There are a few ways to protect your content online. Together with our content protection team, our partners and tools we make sure to find if your content is being re-used unrightfully and do the necessary.

What we do


Makers usually start by uploading content on a specific social media. But did you know the same content could work well on other platforms too? Thanks to our partnerships we have access to these platforms. You can leave it up to us to expand your brand and your audience. If you want to be in control, we will help you from the sideline. Whatever it takes to reach the audience your content deserves.


Distribution is not for everyone. Sometimes we believe in content that much, that we would like to add it to our own portfolio. If you’d like you can still post your content on your social media pages. Don’t worry if you don’t. We make sure your content will get the attention it deserves. Watch your content being picked up by the biggest brands out there.


We do not only help makers; we ARE makers. In our office in Bali we have our own video recording studio as well as high end equipment to create content. You will find our content on our own YouTube and Snapchat channels as well as part of the service our sister company YourVirals offers. Thanks to a dedicated team we are able to create content on demand.

We're happy to help creators grow